The Boeing 737


The landing gear on the NG has been extensively redesigned. The nose gear is 3.5″ longer to relieve higher dynamic loads and the nose-wheelwell has been extended 3″ forward. The main gear is also longer to cater for the increased fuselage lengths of the -8/900 series and is constructed from a one piece titanium gear beam based on 757/767 designs. There is an externally mounted trunnion bearing on the gear, a re-located gas charging valve, and the uplock link is separate from the reaction link. It is fitted with 43.5″ tyres and digital antiskid.

Unfortunately the 737-700 was particularly prone to a dramatic shudder from the main landing gear if you tried to land smoothly. Fortunately Boeing started fitting shimmy dampers to this series from L/N 406 (Nov 1999) and a retrofit was made available.

One of the peculiarities of the 737 is that it invariably appears to crab when taxying. Theories for this include: A slightly castoring main gear to increase the crosswind capability; Play in the scissor link pins; Weather-cocking into any crosswind impinging on the fin; Torque reaction from the anti-collision light !!! Engineers will tell you that is due to the main gear having a couple of degrees of play due to the shimmy dampers.